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Let Your Light Shine

-Matthew 5:16


Maggie Bye was an amazing young woman who lived her life with courage, beauty, and grace.  She was diagnosed with cancer when she was only 15, but as she said to Make-A-Wish organizers in 2005, "I don't see my cancer as a road block, but as a stepping stone to bigger and better things to come."  Maggie was granted her wish, to meet fashion designer Marc Jacobs, in 2006.  After that she made it her goal... to help other sick children get their wishes granted.

Maggie lost her battle to cancer on December 1, 2008.

To keep Maggie's rich legacy alive; family and friends have come together and created Maggie's Angels, Inc. 501 (c)(3). With the support of our community, we have local fundraising events to help children and their families living with life-threatening illnesses. We aspire to offer them, at least a glimpse, of the same joy, hope, and determination, with which Maggie faced each new challenge in her life!


Together, we can make an impact on the life of a child.

Melissa (Maggie's sister), Maggie, and Marc Jacobs - Make-A-Wish Wisconsin Wish Day

New York City - October 2006

...remember the life Maggie lived

                     and be different because of it...

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