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Opening Prayer

Over the past three years I have learned that I cannot dwell on my sadness... my loss! My incredible grief over the loss of our beautiful Maggie! It is not God's plan! He had big plans for Maggie's life and it is my privilege, as her mother and as God's child, to spread the legacy of her rich life.

I am reminded that she is happy. She's whole... her tired body has been healed. She lives each day in the splendor of God's arms... sending her love to each of us, everyday -

Thru a ray of sunshine,

Thru the flight of a beautiful butterfly,

Thru the kind gesture of a friend.

She's here for me and for each of you, her special people everyday.

What a healing blessing for each of us to have this opportunity to come together this weekend... to celebrate and to remember Maggie, as we work together to bring smiles to the faces of other Wisconsin Wish Kids.

From the bottom of my heart, I am thankful and grateful for the part each of you played in Maggie's life. You all offered your love in a unique way. Her life wouldn't have been complete without any of you...

And God said "Well done, my good and

Faithful servant."

I will always love you, Maggie and

Am proud you called me Mom.

Written by Barbara Bye

Make-A-Wish Wisconsin

Host Night - "Project Wish"

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