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My Life has known the change of many seasons.

I have experienced the spring of life.

Love fresh and new and bright with promise.

I have come to know the warmth of family's laughter!

Life's way has taken me through the change of fall

and winter storms of challenges and pain.

Through the seasons your love has been with me.

I am now faced with new seasons of change.

Pain filled is our parting...

Goodbye is a word I can hardly stand.

Yet, I know that as I continue along life's way,

the light of your love and the gift of your memory

will be my warmth and my strength.

Your gift of love will remain with me forever and always...

I know I will move through the seasons of pain

And challenge,

With your memory locked safely within my heart.

I love you Maggie

And am proud you called me Mom.

- Forever Smiling

Written by Eloise Cole/Adapted by

Barbara Bye in memory of my

Beautiful Angel, Maggie

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