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Memories: Chelsea (Maggie's Friend)

At the heart of our group of friends was Maggie, the kind of best friend you knew you were incredibly lucky to have, the moment you met. I met Maggie in band class in seventh grade, and we instantly became friends. Maggie was so full of life and energy, that there was truly never a dull moment to be had when she was around. People were naturally drawn to her outgoing personality, and everyone wanted to be her friend. I remember one summer before high school; we had so many sleepovers, that my parents thought about paying the Bye’s rent. We would stay up late watching movies, talking about boys and plotting our great adventures for the years ahead.

One of the many qualities about Maggie that I miss most was her enduring loyalty. When Maggie was your friend, she was your friend for life. She had your back in every situation, and never shied away from standing up for you. There are many times now, when I wish Maggie was here to help me through life’s challenges and ass a little of her special sparkle along the way. She always had such a good perspective that had only your best interests at heart. During these times, I always think of what Maggie would say or advice she would give. I miss Maggie every day and am grateful for Maggie’s Angels, because you can truly see Maggie’s spirit at every event. I’m so proud of what the Angels have accomplished, and I know Maggie is too as she looks down from above.

Miss you Maggz.

Love,Chelsea – MN Friend

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