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Memories: Dave (Maggie's Father)

Maggie was the youngest of our three children. She had an infectious smile and a personality that could melt a heart. She was smart, full of energy, and outgoing. She was also sensitive, compassionate, and giving. She grew to be a beautiful young woman​​​​​​. When she was in high school she developed cancer. She battled her cancer for 5 years. During that time she became the role model. She was a human being with an unyielding spirit. Looking back, she amazed me by her courage and sheer determination. At her young age, one must do a lot of soul searching when faced with a life ending disease. Unlike many others, Maggie never asked, “Why Me”. Instead she challenged herself and asked, “How can I make a difference.” It’s that kind of power that pushes others to be best they can be! It makes you want to leave our world a better place to live in.

I have many fond memories of Maggie. However, my memories pale in comparison to the positive impact her life has had on others. She continues to teach me and others about love and compassion. Her life is a valuable lesson for others to emulate. That part lives on forever!

​My life has been much richer because of Maggie. It will never be the same. In the end I am reminded – It was the child guiding and teaching the parent, not the other way.

Dave - Maggie's Father

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