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Memories: Sarah (Maggie's Friend)

It's incredible to reflect upon how relationships start -- to trace each one, step by step, back to its origin. They're built upon experiences and memories that can't be replaced, relived, mimed or forgotten. By nature they take us back. There are those, however, that have the capacity to do more by moving us forward...

Over and over again I've reflected upon my relationship with Maggie and very carefully traced back to where our relationship began. At the age of 11 grew an untouchable frienship marked by sleepovers, birthday parties, and inside jokes; favorite songs, favorite movies, and favorite shopiing malls; first-this's, first-that's, and first everything-in-between's. It's comforting to retrace the steps that I took with her, the same steps that I wouldn't take without her.

Yet today it's comforting to see Mrs. B. smiling from the front door, to be welcomed by the infectious attitudes of Chris and Andrea; to pet the ever-so-patient Princess Lola Ryan; to savor Mr. B's masterfull grill-work ; and to now be best friends with Melissa.

Thinking of Maggies always brings me back, one step at a time, to the best friendship a girl could ask for.

Thinking of Maggie also moves me forward toward the best relationships I've ever had.

Sarah -MN Friend

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