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Happy 25th Birthday Maggie

As I rolled over in bed this morning, precious memories of Maggie flooded my heart. She would have been 25 years old today!! I wonder how we would be celebrating? I am positive we would have a scrumptious cake of many flavors. And the gifts would be piled high!!! Ohhh how that girl loved birthdays and Christmas!!! She loved to give as well as to receive. I vividly remember the Christmas she gifted all her girlfriends and family members Marc by Marc Jacobs bags...she laid them all out on her bed and considered exactly what color should go to which person!!! When it came to fashion...she didn't make mistakes!!

If I close my eyes I can still hear her sweet voice and see her beautiful smile!!! That smile that could light up a room and melt a heart. On more than one occasion, I saw her wiggle her way into Dave Bye's heart and come away with permission to stay out past her curfew or to have "yet another sleepover" with thirteen of her closest friends. Endearing memories, all of them.

But, four years and one month since she passed, I still find myself following her lead. She left us with such an amazing legacy of unending faith, dauntless courage and inspiring strength. Even in the worst of times, I saw her "scatter joy" wherever she went. That is a remarkable God-given attribute and one I aspire to everyday.

Forever our remarkable ANGEL.

Happy 25th Birthday, Maggalicious. I love you up to the moon.


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