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My Dear Angel Maggie,

As you turn 28 today I fantasize at what you'd be like. I see you as strikingly beautiful, a loving wife and doting mother. Probably with a flourishing career in the world of fasion. Move over Marc Jacobs!!! I know my heart would swell with pride at all you've become and would cherish each new life experience with you.

My tears, they just never go away. My heartache presses heavey on my chest. The anger, the fear...those feelings are gone. But the hole in my hear is still raw and anguishing.

Angel Maggie, I pray unceasingly that you feel the love and compasion of all that miss you. And that you know the countless lives you continue to impact. Above all else, I pray you feel the comfort of God's loving arms tightly wrapped around you.

I love you Maggie.

Forever & Always,



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