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Memories: Andrea (Maggie's Sister-In-Law)

There are so many memories with Maggie; I don't know where to begin. Maggie was such an extraordinary individual with many characteristics that only a person like her could carry. She was remarkably bright, had a delicate sense of thoughtfulness and unbounded amounts of charisma. She was a daughter, sister, and friend, an advocate for Make-A-Wish, a creative in terms of style and fashion, and a spiritual rock for many. She had gorgeous long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a voice that coule never be forgotten, I can close my eyes and hear her now.

The best memories I have of Maggie start from the beginning. It was my first time meeting my then boyfriend's (now husband) parents at their home right after Christmas, but before New Year's. I had driven many hours to be with him and his family and was quite nervous at what they would think of me. When I showed up at the door, unsure of myself, I walked in and was immediately greeted by a spunky and outgoing Maggie. She gave me a big hug, told me how great it was to finally meet me and invited me into their home. She made me feel warm, welcomed, and comfortable the minute I had met her. That was my first memory of Maggie.

The best memories of Maggie were during our family trips. Of course, most people will say that those are when Maggie was at her best! Traveling and experiencing life brought joy to Maggie's spirit and renewed her soul. The most memorable trip we took was to Cancun, Mexico in 2007. It was a family trip and I was so fortunate to be considered family at this time, which was a great feeling. During this trip, us ladies, Maggie, Barb, Melissa, and I, had the pleasure to lie on the beach, shop, relax, eat at resturants and enjoy each others's company while the guys were off exploring. This was one of the most enjoyable weeks spent with Maggie, where there wasn't a care in the world.

After Maggie had passed and Chris and I were making wedding plans, it only seemed right to go back to the place that brought us so much joy to our lives. We tried to plan everything in a way that Maggie would approve and wanted to pay a tribute to those times spent with Maggie. We got married in Cancun in 2010. I think everyone could feel her presence as we said our vows, as well as every day since she has left us.

Memories of Maggie come to mind often and it's easy to reminisce of the good times spent with her. Having her family and friends around is what she thrived on and in the end what kept her going. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her. I know she is in heaven and her spirit is dancing and I feel good about that.

With love,

Andrea - Maggie's Sister-in-Law

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