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Memories: Patti (Make-A-Wish-Wisconsin)

Maggie used to come to the Make-A-Wish Wisconsin office to volunteer. She was especially good at computer work since several of our volunteers are not as tech savvy as Maggie was. So we were especially happy to have her around! Her beautiful, bright, shining face would greet us and she sat in a cubicle alongside the wall. She would happily do any job we asked of her: stuffing envelopes for mailings, computer work, wrapping gifts, organizing auction items. You name it; no job was too big or too menial for her to do. We would always “dish” about the latest fashion, celebrity gossip, good places to shop and eat, the Milwaukee Brewers and more! She was always “up” on the latest news. I was not!

We could tell when she wasn’t feeling well, yet that did not deter her! She’s say “bring it on”. When she could no longer come in to the office, she would ask for some projects to do at home… and we found some things for her to do. Her spirit was always shining. What a beautiful girl – both inside and out. I’m so happy to have her picture in my office as I stop and think about her many times a day. Her memory is a blessing for all of us lucky enough to have known her.

Patti - Make-A-Wish Wisconsin Office

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